Brand Media

When it comes to identifying the best way for you to market your product, Rowe Media uses a "zero-based" planning process. We’re mindful of the strategies and tactics you’ve used in the past, and we won’t throw out what’s working. But we start from scratch, taking into consideration your goals, your audience, your budget and the evolving landscape.

Our comprehensive approach to service means that we will:

• Analyze your target audience to determine which media they use and are influenced by and how much time they spend with media

• Conduct a geographic evaluation that goes beyond determining if you should advertise nationally, regionally or locally and considers more nuanced factors, such as your product’s relative appeal in, say, urban versus rural areas

• Identify the right mix of media to ensure we reach your target audience in a variety of ways 

• Work closely with you to create specific guidelines for your media buy, ensuring your product is advertised in media of which you approve

• Manage your media budget to get the most bang for the buck

• Carefully manage your purchases in individual media to ensure, for example, that you are advertising in the right magazines or conducting the right kind of promotion

• Continually monitor your media buy to ensure it adheres to your specifications and provides the exposure which you contracted for and the results you expected

• Stay ahead of market trends and changes in consumer behavior that may affect your program.