Case Studies

Comprehensive approach brings boost in client’s business despite tough economy

Rowe Media created a strategic media plan that called for significant shifts in the media mix being used by our client, which was tied to the housing industry. We noted that customers were unaware of our client’s brand, so we increased activity to build the brand and reduced reliance on unproven direct response vehicles. We saw that consumers’ discovery processes and research had moved online, so we increased paid search, email and display budgets to follow consumers there. We concentrated on interruption while a consumer was in the research mode and also reached out to hand-raisers who had already been to the client’s website. The result was an 18 percent increase in sales – despite the extremely tough economy – in key markets where the media activity was concentrated.

Shift in strategy brings big results

Rowe Media’s initial analysis of the client’s existing program showed a number of ways improve results. We proposed incorporating Google TV, adding syndication, concentrating on smaller ad networks online, expanding the creative pool for re-targeting and focusing creative in a more direct-response fashion to improve results. Over eight months, these programs were enacted and the results were phenomenal: more than a 25 percent improvement in DRTV and a 20 percent improvement in online results. The use of Google TV allowed us to test creative and media vehicles at a fraction of the national cable pricing thus improve our overall results as we no longer test in the broader media environment.

Pro bono team effort raises millions for tsunami victims

After a tsunami devastated much of Southeast Asia, Susan and her team at Carat marshaled their talent to develop a comprehensive online and offline campaign to gather donations for Save The Children’s work in the area. The pro bono effort included significant national cable, spot television, spot and network radio efforts and one of the first non profit forays into online banners. Millions of dollars of free media was attained and this effort, along with the client’s extensive public relations work, raised $150 million. 

If you are interested in learning more about the work we do at Rowe Media, we will be happy to provide you with more examples of how we approach challenges similar to yours.