Direct Response

You want to generate the best customer response for your money. At Rowe Media, we have the experience and know-how to craft a successful direct response campaign that will drive your call volume up and send droves of viable customers to your website.

At Rowe Media, we will:

• Create a strategic plan that starts with an in-depth industry analysis and guides your direct response media

• Use Prizm Media’s specialized software and other research tools to conduct a custom analysis of your target audience and segmentation

• Incorporate competitive research to help you understand what your competition is doing and where, and what it may mean to you

• Integrate digital and offline direct response

• Measure the audience response that an individual spot generates to ensure your product is being advertised at the right time and in the right place

• Carefully manage your budget

• Inform you via a performance marketing report of your buy’s success

• Find and build relationships with other agencies working toward your success

• Continually optimize your media schedule

• Provide comprehensive reports and analysis

• Take the guesswork out of back-end support systems, such as call centers, routing processes and data flow

• Stay ahead of market trends and changes in consumer behavior that may affect your program.